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Revisional Bypass

Gastric bypass is a weight loss surgery performed to treat obesity. After the surgery, your stomach will be smaller and the food that you eat will bypass certain sections of your stomach and intestine. Hence, you feel less hungry and less food gets absorbed into your body, which may help you lose weight. Sometimes, bypass surgery may not provide the results you have expected. In such cases, a surgical revision may be suggested. Revision bypass is indicated for the following:

  • A failed gastric bypass (if u did not lose weight as much as expected)
  • Weight regain
  • Overcome complications of a gastric bypass
  • Treat excessive weight loss (reversal of the procedure)
  • Change to a different weight loss surgery

This procedure can be performed as either an open surgery (by making an incision of 15 cm) or endoscopic surgery (no incisions are made; surgical instruments are inserted through your mouth). With either surgery, your doctor stitches your stomach folds and the opening of the small intestine to reduce its size so that the intake of food is reduced. In case of endoscopic surgery, since there are no skin incisions, the chances of post-operative pain are reduced and recovery is faster. Revision surgery is more challenging than the original surgery and is associated with a higher risk of bleeding.

NMC Surgery provides specialized and experienced surgeons and the best available quality treatments. For further information regarding Revision Bypass, please contact NMC Surgery.