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Retroperitoneal tumor excision

A retroperitoneal tumor is an abnormal growth or lump in the region behind the abdominal cavity known as the retroperitoneal space. Surgical retroperitoneal tumor excision is the most effective treatment for retroperitoneal tumors. The surgery is performed under general and epidural anesthesia. Your surgeon makes a long incision in the center of your abdomen. The mass is removed through this incision. Other organs such as the small or large intestine and kidney may also be removed if necessary. A catheter may be inserted into your bladder to monitor urinary output. Your doctor may insert another tube to drain out excess fluid and blood from the site of the surgery to facilitate healing.

Like all surgeries, retroperitoneal tumor excision may be associated with certain side effects such as bleeding, infection, pain or bulging at the site of incision, allergies related to the anesthetic and the need for a repeat procedure.

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