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Laparoscopic Liver Hydatid Cyst Excision

Hyatid cysts are fluid-filled sacs that form primarily in the liver and are caused due to a parasitic infection. The cysts do not show symptoms for many years until they grow large and press against, cause infection or rupture into adjacent organs. Laparoscopic liver hyatid cyst excision is a procedure performed to treat hyatid cysts. The surgery aims to inactivate the parasite, clear the contents of the cyst preventing spillage and completely remove the residual cavity.

Laparoscopic hyatid cyst removal is performed by inserting a laparoscope (thin tube attached with a telescope at one end) to clearly view the region of operation and a special instrument called perforator-grinder-aspirator apparatus, which enters into the cyst, grinds and sucks out its contents. Scolicidal agents are injected into the cyst to sterilize and avoid secondary infection. This procedure is repeated until complete evacuation. Laparoscopic approach offers, faster recovery and shorter hospital stay, but is indicated for fewer cysts that are less than 15 cm in dimension.

Like all surgeries, laparoscopic liver hyatid cyst excision may be associated with a few complications such as biliary leakage, infection of the remaining cavity and recurrence of the cyst.

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